Sunday, January 11

Get Your Granny Squares On.........

I paid $10.00 for this sweater at Express when dinosaurs were the main mode of transportation. I actually invested in 2 of them, the other with a rounded neck, pale colors. When Express received them & got a good look at them, probably exclaimed,"they didn't look like something from a 'Crochet Off' at a senior citizens facility in the catalog. Dig it!

Employed this gaggle of necklaces to make this a less laughable ensemble. Mostly Wanda Lobito's but a gifted coral one as well.

Much amore for this calf length sweater skirt in off white and dijon. Dijon..... ate an entire jar of Grey Poupon with a spoon like a yogurt once. Wheeeee!

These scarlet boots are actually leather! What a concept!

But cleanse my palette with a nice petroleum based biker jacket. Pleather reigns in my world. You concur............