Monday, January 5

Some More Remiss Ensembles.........

                                                             DECEMBER 22nd

This blog suffers atrocious delinquency. Whatever to do? Well, cropping anything above my shoulders and adequate explanation are grueling. Each day I grapple forward.

Domino pin adapted into a necklace on triple strand leather. Dig the companion coolness.........

Stuffed this rather thickly ample top into this slim waisted skirt. Oh, and the necklace became askew in the nanosecond between shots. Wheeee! 

Delectable Leifsdottir satin circle skirt. A treasure I used to buy from Bloomingdales and Neimans, pre-depression. Anthropologie carries them now but designs have become too banal for this snob. Bad girl.

Nebulous tights but crafty shoe boots by Jump. Icing are the polka dot socks. How fetching.

Fetch this............

                                                            DECEMBER 24th

Am missing the 23rd, oh dear. Going imperial for the imminence of Xmas. I celebrate by attending a movie, with Phil, my photographer. Saw a good movie, "The Gambler". I could relate, I gamble with how far a can push my American Express bill every month! Dig it!  Ancient beyond ancient Danskin under pearl grey lace tunic. Wanda Lobito double Frida pin/pendant and luxurious Xmas gift from Marcia Sednek. How did she know I was going imperial this day?

Sparkly is as sparkly does in my ballerina skirt. Wee overdressed for the movies as you might imagine.
Do I care? I think not. Someone has to raise the consciousness of fashion in this town. You're thinking, "probably not you".

Shirking an appearance too staid, I grab biker boots to neutralize excessive femininity. 

Merry Xmas, if you go there.


Beginning with this gifted tasty orange wooden Scandinavian-esque bracelet from darling friend Terry. It more or less claims the ensemble.

Frolicsome mixture of high trousers, mini vest and exposed blouse. 

Truculent plastic platforms by Tuks. They are 40 years too young for me. Do I care? I think not.

I relish this ensemble, for t's weirdness.............

Weirdness is at weirdness does.