Tuesday, January 13

Acres of Plastic Sunday...........

Perhaps the only man made element of the outfit I'm sporting is the linen part of this choker by Alison Franks. Grateful for the rarefied contribution. Vintage celluloid buttons.

And so begins the monolithic plastic journey. This smock frock would melt should you attempt something as unfeasible as ironing the wrinkles. Iron and dress would become one. If you ever have a full body cast and need to take a shower, this is your man. Wheeeee!

Clever hose sporting hot pink (echoing necklace, get it?) and purple plaid. A given they're a synthetic
substance. A travesty I've not a close-up of my new tres' plastique wedges I was gifted for Xmas. Fierce petroleum with open toes and velcro snapped back. 

Plastic is as plastic does. Dig it!

How could I neglect the grande finale, spike sporting flammable biker jacket. When I say acres I exaggerate not.