Wednesday, January 7

Trillion Buttons Later.............

Anthropologie mocha cardigan provided a brace of the colorful buttons, do I stop there? I think not. Further emblazoned with Marcia Sedneks, Elaine Lewis's and Hollie Ambrose treasures. Dig it! I love to pin them down to my navel. Wheeeee!

Recall when Martin Lawrence ( you'll be hard pressed to remember him at all )
attempted to lose about 20lbs. in one day by donning a girth of plastic cloths and running, which he'd never tried. Suffered a heat stroke. Our kindred absurdity came to mind. Had it not been 30 degrees out I too could have equally suffered in my tres plastic pants. Dig it!

Coy little shoes, also of plastic, with darling pink pin hole detail and fetching bowes. 
And it was all going so well with the sweater. So sad..........