Monday, January 31

Gloomy Mondays' are Always Good for a Spot of Reading in the Opium Den

Nothing says relaxation in one's home like the addition of an opium den. I LOVE our cosy room with lots of Asian art and comfy modern chaise lounge. I'm wearing colorful cotton pajamas gifted to me from Elaine. They make me want to Kung Fu the pants off someone when I'm not peacefully reading.

The giant dragon says "I'm relaxing now but at any minute I might 
choose to Kung Fu you in the chops!"

Sunday, January 30

Hmmm, It's Sunday, but it feels like Fractal Friday.........

Dress by London Times from

I love fractals! I was unfamiliar with them until Fay's weird acid trip wedding at the Natural History Museum.

You can't see my shoes very well but they are these great wedge platforms by Calvin Klein. Dagwood approves. I call them my SJP shoes for Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, the first movie.

Saturday, January 29

What to wear to a depressing, yet poignant and profound foreign film

Can't wait to see Javier tonight in this abstract cotton tunic and shawl collared black and grey sweater. Kristin Diener necklaces.

Old Navy leggings with zippers, Mia black suede embellished platforms and Igby, Lauren's little baby Chihuahua.

Thursday, January 27

Parnassus on Wheels by Christopher Morley

When I was driving to work today I saw something that melted my heart...a bookmobile! It was very nostalgic and antiquated, with two workers both dressed in uniforms and caps.  We had a bookmobile for the library I used to work at in my teens. It was wonderful.  Just seeing that one today reminded me of a treasure of a book called "Parnasuss on Wheels" by Christopher Morley. It's SO dear!  I'm wearing a Type Z dress with an ancient scarf, hiding my waddle! Three Marcie Sednek pins adorn the front. I love these sleeves!

White opaques and the ubiquitous platform shoes complete this ensemble. Gotta go, time to read!

Wednesday, January 26

What to Wear to a Siberian Baby Shower

When one gets invited to a baby shower in Siberia, you must remember two things, one, dress warmly and two, bring a gift everyone will be jealous of.  Vintage Taxco necklace worn with old Anthropologie dress,  red paisley jacket and faux chinchilla vest.  My boots were a gift from Jen, great for negotiating the ice.

And what's the gift everyone will be cooing about? This Eleanore Macnish baby spoon with handmade glass cupcake on top. If you're going all the way to Siberia for a baby shower, you've gotta land a punch.

Tuesday, January 25

A Sweet Treat Offering to all of my Fashion Friends and Fiends Around the World

I wish to welcome and thank any one who has ever viewed my blog, wherever you may reside, be it the U.S., South Korea, the Philippines (I'm Part!), Romania, France, China, Mexico and Denmark. As you might have deduced fashion is a passion of mine and I like sharing my outfits and thoughts with you.

Secretariat  would be very pleased with my off day wardrobe choice. Black tee under a Anthroplogie sweater covered with horse shoes, under a men's vintage wool vest of horse heads. Jen made this lovely 3 strand necklace for my birthday. Two antique pins adorn my vest, one, a bakelite horse head and the other an equestrian illustration under domed glass. Skinny jeans and black platforms complete this ensemble. Again, thanks for looking, see you soon!

Monday, January 24

"Never Put All Your Eggs in One Bastard".... Dorothy Parker

The Dorothy Parker quote came to mind as I first thought that these spots were oval, like eggs. but they're round. Oh well, great adage anyway.
Neiman Marcus blouse and skirt by Leiffsdoitter.

Bottom half is gray ribbed opague hose and high heeled red patent leather loafers.  If you've never read Dorothy Parker, do yourself a delicious favor.

Sunday, January 23

One Way Ticket to Marrakesh

I packed my carpetbag , writing materials, binoculars and a few books to entertain me on my journey to Marrakesh.  So many sights and interesting people. I'm wearing a paisley print mini dress over leggings. My lace wrap is from J. Peterman, it looks vintage, but it's not.  My jewels are an ancient mosaic choker worn with a black gem by Karan Sipe.
I'm certain to return with many colorful stories. Adieu!

Saturday, January 22

I'm Henry the Eighth I Am, Henry the Eighth I Am I Am.........

 I look positively capacious in this Marc Jacobs
 regal patterned dress. It's a breeze to boss underlings about in this roomy shift.  Ribbed fishnet hose and Carlos Santana kitten heeled pointy faux croc pumps.
Detail of a vintage wooden cameo from Revolver, could be bakelite, I'm not sure. What I AM sure about is that I'm always taking resumes for new wives.

Thursday, January 20

Ode to Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt has always been one of my favorite painters and I bought this dress because it reminds me so of his work.  Susan Skinner mirror necklace  and antique spoon opera length necklace by Jen help to accentuate the luminosity.

I'm wearing cool black and white striated hose that look like seismic readings and my Dollhouse faux croc boots. You're the man, Gustav!

Sunday, January 16

I'm a Window Dressing at Pottery Barn

These days I don't like using my name and barn in the same sentence but I must face the music,  I packed it on for the holidays. Hiding my flaws is this
fitted shirt dress from Toad Road, and grey leggings with zip-up ankles. It's gonna be awhile until I'm out of the tent mode, unfortunately!

Saturday, January 15

Drat, My Stagecoach is Late!

There must be trouble up ahead, bandits or a broken wheel, as my stagecoach is already an hour late. I'm staying calm and collected in this sweater  and layered top gifted to me from  Millie.  My long tulle overlay skirt with embroidered peacock feathers is by Nic and Zoe.

My floral stockings add to the girliness of this ensemble. Pink and black flats by Irregular Choice.  What's that up ahead?  Finally!

Friday, January 14

The Queen Mother and Kate Middleton Shop for a Wedding Cake

The Queen Mum took Kate out to tea and then on to a little wedding cake shopping about London. I'm wearing a Bloomingdales' frock with lots of inherited bling. Kate wears a glamourous wrap dress and her big sapphire engagement ring. Red velvet cake?Sounds royally decadent!

Thursday, January 13

New Year Meeting of the Secret Royal Society of Exotic Rapulum (Turnips)

I must say, the Secret Royal Society has some real icy fellow members. Just because I was able to produce a turnip with a perm, I've been facing a wall of cold padded shoulders. I can't help the fact I'm an amazing mad scientist! What I wore to the fete was this cream, red and brown dress by Boden under my Marc Jacobs' "circus trainer" jacket. My pendant is by Kristin Diener, coupled with Susan Skinner and Tracy Hale necklaces. I hope YOU"RE not jealous of my turnip!

Wednesday, January 12

It's a Charlie Chaplin kind of day......

These Chaplinesque trousers with suspenders make me walk in a side to side waddle and wiggle my moustache. Brown and black striped trousers and black lace blouse with white collar, both by Urban Outfitters. Giant black and white platforms by TUK. Meet you at the silent picture show!

Monday, January 10

If Cary Grant Were My Boyfriend........

I used to do this painting series called "If Cary Grant were my boyfriend" and I would feature lonely women having candle light dinners with photo portraits of Cary Grant.  Well, I must say I am obsessed with him and would LOVE for him to drop by today and take me to lunch.

Phil used this painterly application to capture this Neiman Marcus dress, polka dot hose and purple wrestler wedges. Oh Cary!

Sunday, January 9

I'm Kinda Feeling Like Revisiting "Brideshead Revisited" Today

Anyone who was a faithful follower of "Brideheads Revisited" just couldn't get enough of that high-brow stodginess. The clothes were fantastic.
Tons of tweed and bow ties and sweater vests and pocket handkerchiefs. "Oh Drat! I've forgotten my bear!"

Saturday, January 8

What to Wear to a Hungarian BBQ......

Yeah, God knows what I was thinking when I came up with this combo, oh the hell with it. It was a long day yesterday. Johnny Was blouse over
pink floral J. Crew pencil skirt. Raspberry tights and my yummy iridescent Vivienne Westwood plastic Mary Janes.

Friday, January 7

My Dress Looks Like a Frank Gehry Building

I'm a maniac for Frank Gehrys' work and when I saw this dress it's what immediately came to mind. I'm wearing a vintage Adele Simpson bolero jacket, from Off Broadway, of course.
Detail of my crepe-like neck and the pearl encrusted pocket of this dress. Necklace my Kris Mills and pin by Marcia Sednek.

Wednesday, January 5

How to Dress Like a Circus Tent

I'm wearing a French Connection dress over a Nick & Zoe skirt, both from Zappos. Heather stockings and 3 toned pumps complete the neck down look.

I'm donning a new beret knitted by Peg and a gaggle of
sterling crosses and beads. This is my favorite photo application that Phil has, so cool!

Monday, January 3

First Meeting of my Bookclub of One.......

Instead of the usual book group of around six reading one book, I'm going to be (have been) a bookclub of one reading six books. I pick 6 titles of much variety so that I don't get the characters mixed up, very different time periods helps also. It's a must that you dress formally. I'm wearing a hat by hat maker 
Amy Downs of New York, green Anthro sweater with large faux fur collar, green silk shift with lace hem from the Santa Fe flea market and Free Radical hose. Elbow length gloves are optional. I never have to drive anywhere, or make banana bread or argue about a book. It's perfect, and I'm never late.