Friday, December 31

Wearing black & white reminds me of how much I hate mimes!

I'm wearing a Sheila Hrasky flower bowl on my face, that ubiquitous Danskin and a satin dress in black and white stripes.
Now, should a mime come up to me and try to hand me a fake balloon or flower I'd be propelled to do a kung fu kick to their white painted face in these formidable black suede platforms with metal detail. Jen is wearing her two-tone t-strap spectator pumps, an Xmas gift from Jorge. Happy New Year everybody......except mimes.

Thursday, December 30

"For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Ernest Herringbone

On this blustery day I'm layering herringbone on herringbone. Ancient sweater with silk herringbone front panels. Black tee with diagonal red bow.
Herringbone skirt and heather hose.

Herringbone lace up boots with strap accents. Herringbone much?

Tuesday, December 28

"Be Yourself, Everybody Else is Already Taken." Oscar Wilde

A day off to recharge the battery and avoid the germs of Mr. Phlegm, my husband.  Having a bit of a read in the front parlor, and a bit of tea. Wearing a black & white sheath dress and black leggings. A bit dressy to polish and box a dozen pair of recently worn shoes and place them in their homes by category. OCD, moi?

Monday, December 27

Dusting off dusty rose and I think I'm gonna kill UPS

 Don't I look so sweet and demure in this dusty rose lace dress I got for Xmas?  What you really can't tell is that I'm in the thermal coil anger zone because some "beyond precious" piece of pottery I shipped to some innocent little old lady arrived in pieces. Thanks UPS! You made her AND my holiday. Fear not, I'm practicing my deep breathing exercises and death chop kung fu moves.

Hows' about a kick to the face in these great shoes with gold back heel bow by Irregular Choice?

Pymmie plans to reenforce the rear attack with a few ankle bites to said UPS driver at strategic angles. It's payback time!

Saturday, December 25

What to wear to pillage bountiful prezzies!

What do you wear to a pillage-fest? Hows about a crinkled cotton v-neck shirt from Toad 
Road with Three Musketeers sleeves under a horizontal sweater shirt ? You'll never guess what I got for Xmas? Clothes!

Thursday, December 23

I Think My Face is Frozen

What with the alleged Xmas cheer and all, I've had this smile terminally plastered on my face. I'm beginning to feel like a taxidermied squirrel.  I'm keepin' it real in this Nicole Miller worn with purple hose and lime green python platforms.
Brandishing one of my favorite  bracelets, actual exotic bugs encased in lucite. I'm decking the halls instead of decking something.

Tuesday, December 21

I'm Back!!!!!

Miss me? Rehab is HELL! No cameras OR computers! I kind of look like Michael Jackson here, don't I?  I'm adorned in a vintage Anthro sweater  over 2 dresses, one from Toad Road& the other from I'm sporting polka dot leggings with red boots. I'm SO glad to be free again, but I must remember to BEHAVE or it's lock up again!

Sunday, December 19

Little look at big accessories

I decided on some new and ancient jewelry for todays' look. Black faux Bakelite bracelets I've had for at least 25 years. Purple faced watch is a dead one but how cool is it? I'm debuting from my own personal stash this Kristin Diener entitled "Roadside Beach Dreams" as I just bailed it out of layaway. SO tiny!

You all know my penchant for platforms by now and these are iridescent pumps by Jessica Simpson, Homers' other daughter.

Saturday, December 18

Her Alibi Was Full of Holes

It's stone cold chillin' here in the 505 so I'm heating things up in this red patent leather Juicy Couture jacket.
Underneath I'm wearing a 2 tone dress with this little jacket with BIG grommets on it, exposing said dress. Something about this pic reminds me of a large underwater diving suit.
Sturdy shoes and black ribbed hose complete this outfit.

Thursday, December 16


Check this man out, they didn't come any hotter than this, and his VOICE, oh dear! Well, this is my best impression of Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday. Wish I had the jaunty scooter. I wouldn't dream of attempting to be AUDREY!!!!
   Most of this outfit is old vintage stuff, like the pointy shoulder pads.

Wednesday, December 15

Support your local dog rescue, yo!

I'm wearing this cool t-shirt fabric dress. It has a great cut, straight boat neck goes into a bandeau section in the bust , then v-cut from bust down. It's  by Zoe. These wool button pins are a gift from Eileen Braun, my patent leather belt features different icons and photos. My Perry Como sweater is adorned with scottie dogs. Dagwood is very Mad Men in his white and red oxford buttondown under v-neck sweater. Let's make this "Embrace your dog day" and everyday hereafter. Special shout outs to LapDog Rescue, Watermelon Rescue and Carma, all no kill organizations.
Grey polka dot hose and platform Mary Janes round out this semi-sleazy outfit. I can't help myself, I'm just drawn that way!

Tuesday, December 14

Xmas Tea with the Secret Royal Society of Exotic Rapulum (Turnips)

I'm like the cat who ate the canary this season as my turnip was voted most exotic. It's other-worldly if I may say so myself. Handmade felt hat by Heidi Paul. Black lace jacket by J. Peterman, multi-layered tulle and embroidery dress on sale from Bloomingdales.

These things tend to run a tad on the boring side so I thought I'd stir things up a bit in these lucite and patent leather pumps by Jessica Simpson, they are completely cut out underneath, the pump suspended.
Between my turnip and these shoes I got a few upturned noses.

Sunday, December 12

Ladies Maid from Gosford Park

It isn't easy waiting hand and foot on the privileged, oh dear, they can be bloody demanding!
Satin blouse with black lace bib. Neesh skirt with billowy pockets ( to hide my flask) and sweater with ribbon detail.
Detail of back of sweater.
Lace front shoe boot, "Be there in a second Miss".

Saturday, December 11

Keith Richards finds gainful temp-holiday work at Mariposa

One wouldn't think uber rich, uber scary Keith Richards wouldn't need to find a job for Xmas, we hired him for his cheerful personality. Keith is wearing a modified straight jacket with lots of zippers by Nicole Miller, and cougar velvet pants. Keith wore these sensible platforms for long days on his feet. And face it, I think Keithy might have shrunk a bit!

Friday, December 10

Dance of the Black Starling

I'm uber dressed up today because we're taking our friend Phil ( this photographer) and Jen's husband our for their birthday celebration. I could have this blog for at least 3 years and never wear the same outfit twice, but you'll see this gray and black 30 year old Danskin once a week! Sparkly velvet and velvet burn-out dress from Off Broadway.  Bling by Karan Sipe.
My dreamy hose are a gift from Jen last year and I'm wearing silver pumps by Jessica Simpson. I'm ready to misbehave!

Thursday, December 9

A Day in the Life of Michelle Obama.......

Michelle stays cool as a cucumber in this Diane Von Furstenberg dress as she schelps dignitaries through the White House to peruse Lincolns' sock drawer and jump on Jeffersons' bed. After reading to a few groups of school kids and working in the White House garden, it's time to Tevo  the Chelsea Handler show and Celebrity Rehab for when Baracky gets home from work. She also sends best of wishes to Elizabeth Edwards family,sans John.

These solid stompers say " I'm not in charge, but Second in charge".

Wednesday, December 8

One Hundred and One and a Half Dalmatians

I think I could survey about 1000 people and everyone of them would say I'd make a GREAT Cruella Deville, hell, I AM Cruella Deville, except that I LOVE dogs.  Funny thing is that novel was written by one of my favorite authors, Dodie Smith, who also wrote "I Capture the Castle", a fantastic read. I'm wearing a painting by Jim Kopp of a Fruit Loops box on my face with Daniel Zolinsky necklace and big asymmetrical cashmere sweater.

My dalmatian print pencil skirt is by J Crew, cashmere hose and Baci shoes with bows on the back.
Who needs some paper training?!

Sunday, December 5

Peachy Keen

This is a great blend of apparel if I can say so myself. Free People sweater that's part knit, part silk. Worn open to show my peach cami and front of the Twelve by Twelve skirt underneath, grey grosgrain ribbon waist with sparkly layered brocade peach fabric, with pleated black tulle in between. Just black ribbed hose and my tapestry platforms from the other day.Kristin Diener killa necklace.

Saturday, December 4

Olivia Twist

"Please sir, can I have some more porridge, sir? Today I'm asking for the kindness of strangers in this pink jacket, J Peterman brown and pink velvet vest and muscle tee by Twenty8Twelve. Trousers are Eileen Fisher and my $7.99 boots.
Detail of my cameos and vest. It's back to the factory for my 19 hour shift!

Thursday, December 2

The Queen Mother and Kate Middleton Work Shop & Stroll

It's rare that royalty is put upon to do such pedestrian tasks but we're clamping our crowns on, facing the music of the masses. I'm wearing lots of pearls over a sheer beaded voile blouse and tiered tulle maxi skirt. Kate is wearing a lacey Free People dress and sweater vest . A sentimental key is at her throat.
Yet another gift from William? Keep your fingers crossed we don't flog anyone tonight!

Wednesday, December 1

Yikes Stripes!!!

This is a very demure little sweater dress by Alexander Mcqueen,  it's an infernal cowl neck again, this time I'm wearing a black & white oblong scarf at the neck but there is still room for a few throw pillows in there. Plate by
Katherine Blackmun.

These are faux zebra fur go-go boots by Boden. I think they accent the MAJOR crack in the floor
nicely. Sonny Bono, eat your heart out,'re dead.