Tuesday, January 20

Tres Demure Monday............

A siege of femininity vastly divergent from my recurrent character. You never know what you're going to be forced to witness. A modicum of palette cleansing is always welcome.

Wee antique enamel button creates this choker that is in keeping with this ensemble. Equally mystifying, so minimalist!

Infatuating rose sweater with plentiful darling facets. Voile wrapped roses? peonies? My knowledge of flora is sorely limited to the recognition of daisies and tulips. Dig it!

Cardigan boasts twisted enclosure of unexposed snap buttons.

My ardent passion for this alluring garment continues in the ruched sleeves and voile pleated bottom aspect.
Bloomsbury inspired frock as skirt.

Bye bye impossibly indiscernible black scalloped suede wedges.

Whilst promoting "pretty in pink", must brag of flattering pics shot here at work of beatific Pym. 


Uncanny mother daughter resemblence. Wheeeeeeee!