Friday, April 22

Big Ben.........

Astonishing in the extreme that I owned this watch for months before going public. Even I found it outlandish!  Of recent it's ubiquitous is as ubiquitous does. Wheee! Fossil brand at it's most prodigious.

Despite the magnitude of a steering wheel, I can barely discern the time. Peppered with a trillion faces impairs size of said. Did I return it? I think not.......

Punker choker by Erin Dengler. Reflector, broken glass, mirror. Dig it!

Staid but captivating hue trio. Red, eggplant and black ruched sides. Look, my lips! Ouch!

Can't for the life of me figure out which leg is what. Mega fishnets and much documented red pointy kitten heels. 

If someone were to inquire on the time, I'll be forced to declaim, "Uh, I'm not certain."