Monday, April 11


Endearing and monolithically adroit creatively, painter Molly Geissman has embraced the issue of incarceration in depth. Be it prisons, mental institutions, facilities for the aged. Well, Molly's favorite place to visit when in San Francisco? Alcatraz! Dig it! Surely, they don't house a gift shop (do they?), none the less she gifted me this rockingly riotous tee.
I need to go there. I need to be in there.............

You'll quake where I chose to take this ensemble. Poor Molly, I was meeting her at Harwood.
In the attendance of normal people. This necessitates a royal blue satin circle skirt with black waistband.

But I'm just getting started. Animal print tights tuck into animal print combat boots. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Sparing me from fashion jail is this fetching, domed tin choker in primary colors by Cynthia Cook. I'm only permitted one phone call. Pick up!