Friday, November 28

Red and Dijon Wednesday............

Captivating droop necked button sided sweater. Flattering, fitted sides. Dreamy is as dreamy does.

I reiterate, never wear a skirt smarter than you. Dijon and vanilla striped sweater skirt in ribbed wool blend. Flattering below the knee length.

Nightmare on Amherst St. with these hose today. If they weren't a fetching , diamond patterned, heavy cotton, I would have shot them ages ago. Basically, it's all about the total lack of elastic in the waistband. Need I say more? I think it lends itself to grueling imagery. Reptile cowboy shoe boots. What on earth is something of that nature doing in my inventory? I've heard about people on Ambien buying motorcyles and such on line while still completely asleep. What's my excuse? I'm not even on that one!