Monday, September 3

In Labor................Day

Sorry, no 50% off mattresses today, but we're open, we're open almost as much as Walgreens, only closed on Thanksgiving, Xmas and July 4th. Wheeeeeee!Oh,and New Year's Day, I forgot....What slackers!

Heart attack! Two repurposed hearts by Karan Sipe, one old family heirloom and a Thomas Mann. Dig it!

Flouncy little number by Twenty 8 Twelve, Sienna and Savannah Miller's design company, pre-recession. Sumptuous silk top with  dropped grosgrain ribbon waist and flouncy pleats.
More jigginess with a Leiffsdotter mini. They have the most brilliant detail.

Take a gander at these Smurf shoes I'm wearing, the pattern is cool but, God forbid, they're SOOOOOO flat!