Monday, August 31

Big Top Pee Wee...........

Ardent passion for Pee Wee, his ingenious show and movies. I even have a Pee Wee doll that speaks some of his renowned adages. (Let's forgo his little pervert problem).

Grape hued capacious, diaphanous, tunic spouting pleats.........basically everywhere.

Lycra "groovin in the 60's"tights.

Dull is as dull does in these, um, shoes made for a nurse working a 175 hour shift. I had retail remorse, (me?) after arriving at work, and looking downward.

Remain agape of every Phoenix Forrester piece I possess. I even own a watch face concho belt of her making. Below a striking, nostalgic, pin.

Pee Wee rocks, this pin rocks, this tunic rocks. Dig it!