Tuesday, September 1

For All Cat Lovers..........

Terminally tricky, the online procurement. In tandem with my extremely weak vision, conduced my impoverished  deduction as to this apparel's motif. It's clever design impaired by the saturation of little kitties burdening this spaghetti strapped. Can only envision women (sorry) with a quintillion cats. Fancy Feast overfloweth. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

I couldn't even discern these were cats until informed.

How dare I criticize??? I hoard Chihuahuas. Dig it!

I digress. Beatific, intricately rendered, necklace is a feast of precision. Cut cage of mastodon ivory, filled with watermelon tourmalines. Obsidian box. This treasure is by Daniel Zolinsky.

                                 Cat people, dog people, we're all equally crazy. Rock on!