Sunday, September 20

Mint and Mocha Saturday...........

Sadly, Philio is out of town. How self-indulgent of me! He's with his family, but, hey, what about my needs? This fresh procurement beckons to be recognized.  Donating yet more plasma, this zesty frock came from Zulily. It's a new site I've been infrequenting. They have cool bounty, but setbacks. Eternal delivery. All sales final. Prickly, quite. Lamb soft, I feel jammie-esques once more. Ruched side.
                                                Extra points for knee skimming hem. Dig it!

Devour this cacophonous Betsey Johnson. More is more. Wheeee! Triple chain, skull, pearls, camera, bows, rhinestone eye, lipstick, movie clap board......Jesus, I think she missed something. Hold the phone.....not really!  More is as more does in this effusive plethora of elastic strung pearls. Fun, enchanting, and perfect for camouflaging a bruise. Wheeee!


       Centuries old fabric cheetah print kitten pumps from Relish, the first incarnation. Ample fit at this point.

                                     Joker quote of the day.................