Friday, September 11

Troll Dolls Rule............

Special ordered this necklace by Kristin Diener. Has this inconceivably queer photo I'd encountered in a book at my deceased mother's house! Rare species of monkey donned in sweater held by a man with a cigarette burnt drastically close to his fingers. Had these two troll dolls that I had given crew cuts. Characteristically she fabricated this bewitching astute piece that has secret meaning to me personally.

Compelled to flaunt the intricate ruching detail on front panel. Savory, quite.

Frock gracefully drapes through the hips.

Must laude these shoes by a British company called "Irregular Choice". Specialized in grandly bizarre creations. These canary paisley, square toed ( indeed) brandish these vexing cylindrical turquoise heals. Wheeeeee!

Regarding the photo, my brother retorted the monkey was saying,"hold my cigarette, I'm getting my picture taken". Dig it!