Tuesday, August 18

Minty Fresh..........

I want to begin by confirming that my new daughter, Wilkie, very much resembles a monitor lizard.  Replete with golden reptilian eyes!

Having deviated for confirmations sake. Let's get to the subject at hand. Found my World War ll coupons in a drawer and purchased this mint paisley smock frock. Easy breezy, it is Sunday after all.

Smitten with lace back bodice. And my amputated arms. Wheeeeee!

Kris Mills aptitude for a myriad of mediums is staggering. An instructor in metals and painting, she recently and instantaneously also mastered intricate beadwork. I parlay this sterling necklace with cast copper antique buttons and 3 dimensional copper contessa.

Come by and meet Wilkie, the sweetest monitor lizard ever. Rock on!