Tuesday, February 4


  This is a weak color on me, at best. I've never taken that test to see what season I am or some such thing. I think the prognosis would be a profoundly disturbing black hole of weirdness. Wheeeeeee!
But I digress, this butterscotch hued denim jacket is wicked artful.

Wanda Lobito is a jeweler I treasure. Why? The religious iconography, silly rabbit. Normally far from matchy matchy, this pendant is spot on mimicking this jacket's color. Richard Campiglio Navajo pearls.

Abundantly girlie royal shaded full satin skirt with black elastic waistband. Good for expansion if needed.

Ah, the much glaring Liechtenstein-esque leggings. You ponder, how am I getting past security to enter those teenage stores? Sneaky one........

                          Velveteen flats with bejeweled bows. How Vegas ballerina of me. Dig it!