Saturday, August 13

Roughly Romanov..........

  Do have a penchant for the Romanov family. They were handsome;  their story tragic. Fact that they swam in surfeit opulence while millions starved didn't bode well for them, unfortunately. But the garments and jewels!  I'm odious.......

Will start with a medallion hosting a garnet, teamed with an embroidered felt pocket; sizable descending diamond, to be sure.

Copious grandeur of elaborate beading on a field of diaphanous off white. 
 Nice bologna hands.

Dare we contemplate the poor child that made it? I'm odious..... 

Again praise this comely gored skirt by Nic and Zoe. I have a mere 3, all gossamer and carpeted with fetching attention to motif and detail.

Nary a posting goes by that dichotomous element doesn't spring forth to surprise and vex. Let's move on from the saccharine. What does one don?  Clunky shoe boots & athletic socks, of course!  I smashed my middle toe into a metal table leg. Wheeeeeeeee! Has since mended. (Do you care, I think not.)

Rock on!