Wednesday, August 17

Let's start at the bottom............

Now that Philio has moved on to greener pastures I have my celebrity photographers do the documentation. Guest staring is Rachel Guasp. Rachel is a stellar photographer, studying said in college. Has treated us to her mastery on Facebook for an age. She came over and took these avant garde images to shake us awake! Italian pumps purchased from the now deceased  "Ground and Vision". Boasted imported footwear and designer sunglasses. These ribald poses are really about featuring my pop-art, one of a kind chair from the also deceased "A" Store. May they both Rest in Peace.

 Lace is as lace does,
in this "coronation bound" get up.

Guilted sleeveless with pointy rivet detail. Yow!

What's an imperial event without a Sipe sighting? Pearls encased in a elaborate vintage pendant. Decadent indeed.

             There we have it. Toe to headless head. Thanks Rachel! You rocked it! Wheeeeeee!