Monday, July 25

Get In Line..........

Amusing how I struggle to endear myself to a piece of clothing but it rarely fails to exit the inventory. Administering the jaws of life I pried this narcoleptic episode inducing snore from the closet.

Creepy duo of hue and texture. Dig it! Sign me up! It does have a modicum of spunk in it's brass exposed zipper. Uh, actually, banality has made that little trick a flat liner as well......... Wheeeeee! Bring it on!

A trillion pins to the rescue!!! Housing a stock of a quintillion make it a breeze. A plethora, a gaggle, a spate, an exultation, boatload, herd, et al. Mariposa gems with gifted and a vintage purchase or two. Vertical line up? Once a clown,  always a clown. Note: No one would refute this opinion. Righteous!


Frock in it's vapid entirety. Let's throw a ridiculous stance on the barbi! Rock on!

Salutations Russia and Germany. Radical!