Tuesday, July 19

It's me! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

July 5th, I think. Often have declaimed the rapidity of my morning routine, allocating no room for error.
This pesky ensemble had a duo of annoying (in the extreme) little hurdles. Toss, with much velocity, this cheetah sleeveless, underpinnings, the toga-esque skirt. Dash to complete the final phase. Mirror documents the horror of insufficient razoring of razor element beneath my top! Ripping it off overhead somehow entirely derails the toga number. Apres top correction, I attempt to re-don the skirt. That thing had turned into a flaccid Rubik's cube! Seriously triggered angst prompted me to consider another dash to the closet. Finally resolved the labyrinth. Removal of said nightmare was like disrobing plutonium. It will be laundered on the clip hanger. Jeez!

Cheesy shoe boots lend a savvy touch.

Less A.D.D. and more time allotment would prodigiously quash the propensity for such 
calamities! Dig it!