Saturday, July 2

Velvet? 100 degrees? You betcha!

Double happiness. Exhumed this slip out of my closet. Hanger made me hypothesize it was a long forgotten dress. Initially rebirthed it modestly as it's intentional purpose. Then rethought the gem. Shape shift to dress! Unfortunately, the top was a smidge diaphanous. so what, right? Wheeeeee!

Coruscating black sequined shoulders. Fem floral velvet. Hook and eye detail. Awwwwww.

There's only so much cropping I can render on the photos. Nice boiled shrimp hands. Nice bandaid.

Truth be told, the rest of it, in keeping with it's true nature, is also gossamer. Quick fix! Tan and black tights! Simian that I am, I make some improvident fashion decisions. Am I right? I think that would be a positive.

Endearing (trust me) faux snake skin flats. 
Next look, my bralette worn outside of my shirt. Right on!