Saturday, June 25

Periwinkle Parade Float....Dig it!

Who doesn't thrill in a parade? Well moi, truth be told. Mimicking the limitless square acreage of cloth involved, my more inert ensemble, still bespeaks the devil may care foolishness. Dig it!

Andy Warhol-esques tights and odious cheesy patent sling backs. Fireman pace made me accept these eye searing jokes. I smell Goodwill!

Do the hue of my feet remind you of another? Nauseating? Hoofed? Floating about in a jar? In a southern state? Mayhaps 7 Eleven? I think that would be a positive...........

Barbarically cropped to feature only a minuscule patch of desiccated bologna skin and highlight Eleanore MacNish's vividly witty glass flower necklace.

How can you not envision an sandwich made out of that skin? Geez.