Tuesday, June 7

Shipwrecked Contessa...........

Electing dichotomy to the point of ludicrous shouts in this ensemble. Can schizophrenia happen on the body's geography? Foolishly evident in my world.

The sheer volume of all things lacy in my inventory defies comprehension. Must have been a doily in a previous life.

Proudly parade this sumptuous Sipe. Dig it, I need a Tuff Shed for my Karan collection alone. 
Getting my lace on in this vast tunic, over more lace! Dusky rose hued crochet.

Nice desiccated bologna skin...........

Nice boiled shrimp arm...............

So begins the "stranded on an island" phase. Mauve dress likens itself to something Robin Crusoe would don had he a penchant for cross dressing. Riotous layers of shredded hem.

Enough bi-polar fashion for today. Wheeeeeeeee!