Sunday, June 5

Should We Term This Semi-Moo Moo?

It's capacious, it's tent-esques, there's room for a dinner party, it's contemporary vent keeps it above the yurt category. Kind of. Hilarious on-line company. Endless wait, no returns. The priceless part. Should something be taking half a year, they send you this email enquiring whether you'd prefer cancelling. If you respond in the positive. They instantaneously sally with a "it will be there in a couple of days!" Aborting? A mirage. You'd better love it or learn to.

Perky enough. Enigmatic stuff so stretchy you could pull it back like a sling-shot and rocket it across the room. Petroleum based material? That would be a positive.

Sparing me from dripping in utter cuteness are my black and white striped tights, polka dot socks and kick ass shoe boots. Agenda being to surmount a teeth rotting saccharine concoction. Dig it!