Saturday, June 4

All About Marcia..............

If I were more remiss I'd be dead. Ever mounting tasks usurp my ability to document. My copious chores range the full spectrum.  Betwixt commerce, cleaning, wall painting, toilet repair, floor mopping et al.

This ensemble certainly smacks of toil. Barbarically boring! Were it not for Marcia, I'd basically appear to be bound for a pasture to milk a cow. Heavens! What was I thinking? Skull drudgery should never trump fashion!

                                 Her multi-faceted mediums defy the mind. Imbue us with glee.

        Observe my "milk maid" smock in drab grey. Must I feel compelled to buy everything on sale?
I think that would be a yes.

Much ardor for my haggard tights and slate shoe boots. Fashion secret.....these tights are so flaccid from age, pooling about the ankles must be cloaked by boots! Wheeeeeeee!