Wednesday, October 1

Trillion Snaps Later..........

Recall this pest ???????? The time I erroneously waited until the eleventh hour to conquer this mile long strip of snaps? I think I was an hour late for work. Similar to adjusting to a difficult partner, I faced the challenge full on by never undoing to again. What a concept! Vastly adore this awkward marriage of hues. Mauve and blush. Mix of sweater and silk is fetching as well. Love the "compelling" manner of it's cut.

My plethora of Sipe's runneth over. Observe chatelaine-esque necklace. Unconscionable  cheesy necklace I bought online. I should be hung by my thumbs!

Voile skirt with tethered pleats is by a design team named Nic & Zoe. I have a few stunning skirts. Case in point, the black tulle one with embroidered peacock feathers. Yummy.

Sparing you the metallic ballet slippers. One foot looked like "Elephant Man". Horrific.

                                                    Her foot? Uh, check out the face...............