Thursday, October 16

Kinda Mock Chanel, Kinda.....

Yet another surprisingly congruous ensemble, who am I ?????? Fantasize this is a Chanel jacket. Really am uncertain they ever did a biker line. Ark & Co. they do clever garments. Cranberry cami beneath.

Cheesy pimp ballchain. Embarrassed to divulge the venue of it's acquisition.

Beautiful brocade pleated skirt. This wasn't cheap and it possessed pulled embroidery stitching and errant hanging strings. Thanks China. Hey China, if you didn't employ 5 year olds to toil for 20 hours a day, maybe the caliber of your merchandise would ameliorate. Just a thought.

 Ubiquitous black opaque hose and yesterday's flats. Don't start on me.........If you could survey the floor of my closet, that looks like a scene out of "The Hurt Locker" (said shoes are sitting in their boxes anyway) you'd understand the dearth in variety.

                                                          Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Dig it!