Monday, October 20

Avid Reader.........

Very much the bluestocking, my ardent passion for reading is boundless. Book in hand if I have 3 spare minutes. I insist on using a dictionary in lieu of Google because you can lazily slaughter a word and Google will retrieve it miraculously. Dictionaries make you comb through until you arrive at said word. Perhaps having to play with possibilities until gleaning it. What a concept! I digress, books are comprised of words and words, letters. Hence my justification for the audacious frenzy you must witness. Denim jacket is strewed randomly with words and splattered ink. Make peace with the suffering you'll be forced to endure. Wheeeeeeee!

Jersey jumper boasting helter-skelter letters. Love this bold shadowed font. Clever back treatment.

Any probability to staunch the breadth of my run-amuck chaos is sadly futile.  Mock Pucci tights a gift from Sunny's boutique across the street. She needn't agonize her rent this month. Dig it!

                                           Her mock Pucci straight jacket's at the cleaners.