Friday, October 3

Here's the Story...........

I wore an ensemble one day that was unspeakably obscene. ( I'm playing the "eleventh hour" card ). Toad Road to the rescue. The dress was a life saver and is much loved. Subsequent washings have sent this garment plummeting south.  Now it's positively carnal! Hence the camisole. Mocha and black stripes with ruched sides.

Resplendent antique amber cascading necklace and earring set. I never have matching anything. Dig it!

Phoenix Forrester gleaned this pearl and gold encrusted belt at an estate sale. Was bequeathed this in a Cinderella-esque manner.

How sexy are ankle socks? Not very. Or at all! Weak moment compelled me to don them. Why? Uh, I don't recall.  Sexy is as sexy doesn't.
Fending off fashion persecution by wearing these clever patent criss-cross buckle pumps by Chelsea something. I forget! Twas this morning!