Tuesday, October 21

Anarchy On Sale For 99 Cents!!!!!!!

Beloved cohort Janet Hoezel reigns Goodwill. I think she has valet parking. She has gifted me some great fashion treasures. My Willie Wonka jacket, et al. This garment usurps all. Sequined collar, pocket flaps and front edge, it's outstanding posterior. Fierce proclamation on a frisky subject. What an outrageous gem!

Epiphany that I restrained from sporting jewelry because this ensemble is emblazoned with enough bedazzlement. Huh???

Timid little Free People purchase boasts black polka dots over lace. Slip beneath a must. Really? Me? How's that work?

Wheeeeeeee! Uber sparkly full skirt with black elastic waist. I have in burnished gold as well. Can't get enough resplendent princess wear. The princess of wrong garment, wrong place. Dig it!

Alas was not granted the privilege of  modeling my precious new blazer all day. The sequins are attaching themselves like barnacles to my top & skirt. Fashion risks sneak up on you when you least expect them. Tread with open eyed vigilance.

                        Let's add anarchist to my myriad of attributes. Wheeeeeee!

                               She was pretty perky during the Nixon administration.

                                                                            Right on!