Wednesday, October 29

Oh So Scary...........

"Weens" is imminent so am brandishing these "too young for me by 8 decades" pert skellie tights. Do I care? I think not. I'm playing the "tis the season" card. Detail of fabric because, believe me, you wouldn't have wanted me to share the un-cropped version. Oh the horror!

Oh, this entertaining thin jersey top just gets better and better. Relish the front, savor the back.

Ardent amour for these mock Buddy Holly shoes. I put them on layaway at the Broadway about 35 years ago because I was too penurious and they too costly.  The most expensive shoes I'd ever purchased. They were $50.00.  They're still as solvent as ever. Dig it!

Such a travesty this gifted black vintage jacket is too dim to discern the magnificent detail. I endlessly reiterate on the intelligence of 30's and 40's clothing.

                          Pymmie is going as a Little Debbie pink coconut cupcake for Halloween. Dig it!

One exhausted Little Debbie cupcake. Awwwwwww.