Monday, October 13

Can't Choose Which Mann..............

Been beguiled by Thomas Mann's work for decades.  He basically launched the mechanical jewelry look in 1977,  it's moniker , "Techno Romantic".   Self taught,  the long time New Orleans's resident also makes alluring furniture and sculpture.  Dig it!

Surprise, surprise...........I've accrued a spate of his work. Jewelry, no question, but a huge patterned heart shaped mirror with an arrow piercing through. Yummy, it's worth a lot of money now. Wheeeee!

First piece pinned on my fetching frock is a hand, a common theme. Brass with assorted ephemera.

My chic wool dress with ruching a-plenty. Transition in hue adds sophistication to my otherwise customary chaos.

Pairing two Mann pins of a different ilk, these display old photos under colored glass. Navy pin striped waistcoat. I love when they boast lapels.

Observe the whole ensemble. I wore a black lacc biker jacket as well, but it's detail would never photograph, alas.

Such a devastating plight. Oh please.........