Thursday, October 30

Unitas We Stand !

 I'm running with Johnny Unitas because he was the only quarterback I could scrounge from my paucity of knowledge about football. He did play for the Baltimore Colts and since I reign from that region I might have actually gone to a game. Dig it!
 Confess to the real reason I brought up Unitas in first place is that I'm rockin' that shoulder pad treatment in this smart (smarter than I am) jacket from Off Broadway. Astute detail in this peplum waisted marvel with sweeping collar and appliqued ball chain embellishment. Needless to say, it's the highlight of this otherwise narcoleptic ensemble.

Was I on drugs (probably) when I purchased this top that looks like something an airline stewardess might have worn in the 80's? Yow!

 Rorschach test or molding paper from the Magna Carta? You make the call. Probably added this to cart on the comma-esque day I bought above. Pretty dog-gone conservative 3 paneled skirt. Again, it's all about the jacket. Nough said..............