Sunday, October 5

Trillion Holes Later...........

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, this wonderful customer bequeathed this resplendent cap sleeved cashmere sweater. The enchanting detail of seed pearls and gold embroidery make it a mouthwatering gift. Could perhaps had been her dear mother's that was unearthed from a drawer. Here's the rub, when putting it on it exposed a trillion moth holes. Dig it! Never one to give up on an astounding treasure,  I don a black cap sleeved camisole beneath. Problem solved and I can continue my romance undeterred. Wheeeeee!

I own the largest collection of Kristin Diener's work in the US, outside of her mother. I started long ago and have watched the complexity of her acutely farsighted purpose explode. She is millenniums from her apex.

Feast on the opulence of this heavy brocade gold and black pleated dream. Henry wants his skirt back, 

Dig it!