Monday, October 27

Lil' Bid O' Dis' ...Lil' Bid O' Dat'

Hey, if you can't don a multiple personality ensemble, what's the good in having multiple personality disorder? Face the music folks, I'm wearing a sandwich board regarding MPD.
Brown and orange box plaid vintage jacket from Double Take . Smocked waist, raw edged cuffs, artful pocket treatment, padded shoulders. Had I ever entertained implants, that's the region my silicone would be bound.  

Lily pad sized, multi-layered pin with a photo silk-screened fem. I like to imagine she's a suffragette.

Not quite a houndstooth, this petroleum based skirt has as many different angles as the Los Angeles interchange. Wheeeeeeeee!

When more is more and yet still not enough, enter cheetah motif tights. If I can get past humans on the way to my car without them braying with laughter or brandishing a big cross as protection, I'll eat my hat......... Hey, there's something this outfit is sorely lacking!

Live by this rule. Always don a watch that can second as a cocktail tray. Wheeeeeeeee!

Mock croc sling backs I could scale a fence in. Will be a life saver when the mob of fashion police try to run me aground. Dig it!!!!!!!!