Saturday, October 18

Sunny's Is My New Heroin............

Believe I mentioned Sunny's, this wee boutique  that moved into the old "Wear It" venue. Well, I've already accrued some frequent flier miles over there. Bad, bad me. Thin black jersey frock with cris-crossed draped front has a progressively descending rear, kind of like mine!

Pirate belt to add a modicum of mirth to my sombre ensemble. Sunny said this dress would never work on me. Well, the challenge was set. Don't get me wrong, I adore this dress but did have to liven it up a notch. Dig it!

Outstanding, stand out-ish, opera length abstract silver necklaces by ingenious Janet Hoelzel. Contains more silver than my mouth, well, that's debatable.......Remember that quote by Homer Simpson, "Is there nothing a donut can't do?" (Oh the knowledge I retain). Janet excels in all mediums. Printmaking, ceramics, quirky chapeaus, cards, paintings. See my point?

Homer in run amuck train.

Nirvana! A respite from boring shoes! Scaffolding made it possible to extract these clever, coveted plaid plats from their zenith location. Wheeeeeeeee!

Post script: Pym, my little workaholic daughter. Just like Mommie!