Tuesday, July 22

Trifecta catch up........

Oh my, where have I been of late? Remiss is a excuse I must perpetually use.

                                                            Shades of Gray..........
Not one to immerse myself in such tawdry sleaze, I hear it's a great hit with my age demographic however. How pathetic!  Gray on gray knit dress with clever shoulder treatment.

If one can imagine, this is a "mini Diener" (and a kind of crooked one me).

So tragic that you're back.

Cocktail Party Sunday.......

So I'm meeting a friend for her birthday and donned this dress as it was a gift from her.

                  Then I found this pin I hadn't worn forever and thought "hmmmmmm, this might be fun".

Hey, why stop now, let's take it up another notch with some sparkly shoes. Dig it! I was going to put my hair up because I was so hot, but to pull off that would surely need me brandishing a cocktail. Hey, why not? Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

                                                   If I Designed Women's Prison Wear.........

The big orange jumpsuit is a travesty to women and fashion. How can you feel good about yourself in that thing?

                                     What I would do is take it retro, bring back the stripes.

My vision would be to give it some accents that would be figure slimming. Every woman wants that.

Nothing slims the legs like vertical stripes.

                            I don't think I could get the jewelry idea would get past the board however..............

                                         Martha Stewart would have rocked this look!