Thursday, July 31

Redux again and again............

Was apprised of the fact that pie bald references a pattern of black and white first in the dictionary (what's that?) One usually thinks of it as a term for horses. Just thought I'd share that little tidbit with you what with my perpetual pie bald persona. Wheeee!

                                                 I extol in my breathtaking opera length sterling silver necklace gifted to me by Janet Hoelzel. It is an exemplary and astonishing art piece. Every link is another creative masterpiece. What a treasure. Beneath black tee with crosses. Andy Warhol lives on is this Campbell soup can pencil skirt. Bring on some of that sodium saturated goodness. Dig it!

                                                                   Boca baby!
"Clearance" overode sense in this particular purchase. It was an ungodly store. I was only pressured to enter by my fellow shop-a-holic friend observing a mammoth sale sign. Heavy cotton emblazoned with these gaudy sequined flowers. Oh please. Have I unloaded it after 10 years? What's wrong with me. Do however fancy my textured floral skinny trousers.

                 I hear the Country Club calling. Time for my cut throat bridge game. Dig it!