Tuesday, December 22

Tudor Coolness..............

Vastly smitten with the posh fabrics I'm brandishing. Will forever conjure brocade with Tudor. Capture the grandeur in these opulent fabrics. Wee velveteen vest , black sequined shoulders. Presciousness. Precambrian grey boatneck with black yesteryear motif. This thing is a Danskin, are they still breathing? I surmise they are moribund, the word Danskin appears misspelled!

Barely discernable ruched back.

Passionately treasure this "Henry VIII" heavily embroidered cranberry and black skirt with exposed zipper. Sumptuous  pairing of these tights. Actually mimmic skirt. Curiouser and curiouser.

Punk must be infused to spark this up a pitch. Dark grey denim with padded, studded shoulders. Double zippered front. Huh? Digeth it!

Did you know tennis was termed the "Game of Kings" because lofty, guillotine happy, Henry VIII and  his like played tennis. I'm astounding that morbidly rotund beast could negotiate his side of the court. Court, get it? Wheeeeeeeee