Thursday, December 17

Tardy for the Party

Commerce usurps prompt attendance to a recent event. Name withheld to protect me. Fashionably (one endeavors) late (quite so)....... Gratefully, I arrived at the ass end of an indiscernibly enigmatic repast.
Attempting to spark a jot of interest in an otherwise disinteresting function, I donned this subtly scintillating ensemble.
Extoll in this blush hued, dolman sleeved, jacket with leather collar from the grandest vintage clothing store ever, OFF BROADWAY! Susan and entire cast are kittens.

Most fitting word for Kristin Diener's creations is triumphant. Relish this brilliant example of her artistry.

Yet another stellar garment from OFF BROADWAY is this treasure by Norma Kamali that I gleaned from an "eighties" 50% off sale. Killer!

The back. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Mermaid pencil skirt. Darkened the door yet again at the junior's department. Dig it!

Underwhelming kitten heeled pumps you've seen a quintillion times. 

Next up, a photo finish to the cotillion!