Monday, March 10

Sleazy, pleather, sparkly Monday

Petroleum based biker jacker with belt. I just cinched it to add an element of raciness. Dig it! Oh, and beneath I'm garbed in nothing but a see through lace undergarment. Strumpet is as strumpet does.

Just partake of this cherished antique pin collection. Old Heinz pickle promo piece, piano, violin, fleur de lis or Girl Scout pin, which, I'm not really sure, having never been in the girl scouts. Big surprise. Three bar pins. Ah, the beauty.

Eek! Vegas? Olympic skating skirt? Pleated sparklyness, always good for regular ole' day at the office.

Always refer to these strapped pumps as my Edward Scissorhands shoes. They are ancient. Oh, how I ardently loved that movie. I should live in a Tim Burton movie. Don't you think?