Monday, March 28

Mao and Mondrian, Rock On!

Frolicky spring day. Vibrant vim in the air. Let's bombard Nob Hill with color! Much dichotomy to be had betwixt these two icons.
                                         Mao Zedong was a prickly fellow. A porridge of bad and good. Mostly bad. Loved, (forcibly of course) by his vast country of churning humanity.

Sheer sweater with snap front parades Mao's visage and frantic graffiti motif. Yeah baby!

Let's segue into a kinder, more tasteful icon. Piet Mondrian.
Very serious chap, it appears.

 Panels in fierce primary hues.

Raspberry opaque hose. Merry, filagreed, grass green plastic flats.
We're giddy with spring. Mao and Mondrian? Not so much.