Wednesday, March 30

Leatha for Easta...........

Most will contend that sightings of authentic leather have the frequency of a double eclipse. Hold the phone! This Calvin Klein belt from the 70's is in fact the real McCoy. Mayhaps pleather was decades from being invented. Gloriously chamois soft leather with bronze hook enclosure. Wideness is as wideness does. Rock it!

Triple M (Man Made Material) does however rule the show. I'm keeping petroleum in business!
Wheeee! In my defense the mimicry is commendable. Work with me here..........
Pure evil lurks by my turquoise kitten heels. Vastly prudent that you not make eye contact.
Nice knee.

Sinful back detail. Dig it!

Stately disc turquoise choker by Hollie Masterson.

Happy belated Easter! Wheeeee!