Friday, April 24

It's Lacy, It's Zippy, It's Stupid............

Staid attire is starting to get on my last nerve. Sorely need a schizophrenic infusion of my long tolerated, intrinsically absurd persona, then perhaps I could somehow swallow my identity crisis. Stupidly demure is as stupidly demure does in this petroleum based peplum sleeveless. Best thing going for it is this repurposed pin with center glass heart. I think it might be a Mexican soda can. Dig it!

Skinny Lycra's are saved from narcolepsy by 3 slanted exposed zippers. Thank God! Vintage-esques black sandals sporting no platform and moderate heel. If I don't brandish something scant and suffocatingly tight in the near future I'll lose my mind! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!