Tuesday, April 14

Bejeweled T Dichotomy........

  Who'd of thought to put this much resplendence on a simple t-shirt ? It must be dry cleaned, of course. Oh, please....... Must concentrate on the wealth of joy I glean from it's grandeur.  So saturated with gems I didn't even add a single thing. Is this consistent with my behavior? I think not.

In tandem is this passive gray, willowy, cascading pleat skirt. of modest length, take note. Wheeee!

        Forewarned is forearmed in the shoe documentation category. Over poring of elan in these gold patent, vintage inspired, open toed shoes with sizable button. My feet are an ungodly. Hue. Bumps. Bulging veins. Photographing them, keenly flaunted. Solo. It's imminent. Dig it!

Post script: She's giving plasma towards dry cleaning "bail out". Dig it!