Tuesday, April 21

Tosco Monday.......

Much recalcitrance regarding new "age appropriate campaign". Rampant youthful attire is a huge proponent of my ridiculous persona. Won't you miss it? I'll be so boring you'll abandon visiting my narcoleptic site. Dig it!  Sensibility is as sensibility does in this knee length green-gold baroque motif aline skirt from Wear It.

Modicum of spark in this waistcoat. Clever upper bodice and tails of diaphanous crepe. Plunging faux cotton with 3 button enclosure.

Scintillating Tosco choker I procured at the Cowboys and Indians antiques fair. It came with clip earrings, which I gave away, and a matching pin. I love pins. (Old ladies love pins).

Reiterate that amending from strumpet to painful, marrow sucking, boredom will effusively test my will and identity. We'll see how long it lasts! Wheee!