Sunday, April 19

The Quiz...........

Reading CNN's latest "world body count" update, when, what should happen to pop up but a quiz entitled "Are you dressing too young for your age" Fearful of the inevitable results, I forged ahead.  First harbinger of a tragic ramification, apex of age, 40!!!!!!! Well, needless to say, there go the platforms, 4" skirts, and inexhaustible heaps of gauche attire. Score Goodwill! Dig it! Possessing a boyish frame, I stand firm on tights and skinny jeans. Segue into this microscopic ruched frock. Won't bore you with how I ended up donning this (recall my fireman technique of choosing said ensemble).  This is so short my Depends are almost evident!

 Exquisite vintage jacket from Off Broadway detracts from my effusively age inappropriate frock.

Micro white pin stripes on this transfixing gem with tapered waist and covered buttons. Sports, miraculously, authentic pockets! What a concept!

Spate of stick pins that have had a permanent home on this jacket since it's purchase.

I'm going to stretch out the age change thingy as long as I can. I always kind of fall back on the illusion that I look like an 8 year old boy in drag. Wheeeeeeeeee!