Saturday, April 4

Newspapers Are Our Friends.........

Like a beloved pet, the time you spend languishing with your newspaper is resplendent indeed. It can only be exceeded by your boneless pet draped across lap or stomach. I assert that turning the sizable pages makes one feel diminished in proportion. A travesty they can be read on line, no tactile solace there.

Arresting coverage in these tights. We all breath a sigh of relief it's not tabloid pap. Just something catastrophic probably.

More shenanigans in the black and white department. You must spare me a modicum of pardon for innovative objective in this tunic.
Mystery as to whether this is my front or back. Only Phil and I know for certain. Dig it!

These ancient very pointy brocade flats are from Anthropologie. Had to do major photo amputation. My bologna feet were atrocious. Wheeeeeee!

             Read the newspaper, digest the newspaper, be one with the newspaper.