Sunday, April 26

Room for Storage.................

Neiman's dress, sigh, gracing us with a 50's energy. But observe, there's a girth of empty real estate in the bust line department. Things do change and I guess I possessed one in days of yore. Let's concentrate on the pleated capped sleeves and cunning print. Polished cotton, knee skimming, a-line by David Meister.  Awash with the "Junior League" look. Wheeeee!


              Mercifully enlivened with a vintage belt by Ralph Lauren from Off Broadway.

Clever Lauren Tobey necklace mimics dress dots and stifles some of your ungovernable yawning.

Lest you forget,  there's always room for linens and bath towels conveniently located in the upper portion of this frock. Dig it!